Why did Congress open an office in Turkey despite their pro-Pakistan stance on Kashmir?

PFI is now found to have been funded & maintained by the National Intelligence Organization, the intelligence agency of Turkiye (Turkey) similar to our R&AW, with the help of Pakistani spy agency ISI.


Investigation has revealed!

ED officials have detected suspicious transactions of about Rs 100 crore in PFI’s bank accounts!!

Now you understand why Congress has its office in Ankara-Turkey and that PK movie’s naked man with a radio had visited Turkey and met First Lady there and why now in recent SCO meeting Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had softened his tone and desperately sought to meet MODI Ji, now that Turkey (until now in grey list) desperately wants to avoid being in the black list if BHARAT shows concrete proof of involvement of Turkey in our internal affairs using terrorist orgs funded by his Nation!

6 to 7 years of hard work by external and internal agencies of BHARAT under Modi and Amit Shah and why our Hon Home Minster Shri Amit Shah Ji was absolutely quite on various SM abuses thrown at him by Popcorns, Hindu Raita Wings, Vrats and YT soorma Bhopalis!

Modi and Shah operate at a level that is far beyond the imagination of common emotional Bharatiya citizens who abuse Modi Govt. Amit Shah and Ajit Doval our NSA on a daily basis!


Ajit Doval is the sharp sword of India working covertly and with deadly effect & success!


I salute Shri Amit Shah, our R&AW and our NSA Ajit Doval and their entire IB and ATS / IPS teams in various States!


Dirty Gandhi family trying all  levels to defame the country. What else can one expect from them as they have totally lost the political status in India.


Jai Bharat! Vande Mataram!

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